Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Staying Maybe 1/2 Step Ahead, If That

Our First Sunflower
Things have been busy around here.  I seem to be staying maybe a half step in front of the critters if that much.  Building and maintaining seems to be all I can do lately.  Let's just say we are on hold with any new additions that are not already in progress.  I need some catch up time.

We did have a week and a half with our wonderful granddaughters.  They are great help around here for anything we might need.  Not to mention some of the best company.  It sure is quiet around here now that they have gone back home.  I hope they come again soon.

All the babies are doing good.  We didn't really have a good hatch rate or survival rate on the coturnix but that could be human error.  We do the best we can.  So far we are not happy with the A&M Coturnix.  They just seem to have the most problems.  Probably from all that inbreeding to get what they wanted.  The Pharaoh are our favorites so far followed by the Golden.  When you open the cage to feed or water it is like tribbles falling out of the ships compartment.  They are funny little creatures.

We have our momma hen raising the surviving guinea keets and we added 5 Muscovy ducklings.  She sure is a good momma.  She gets special treatment and is housed in the chicken tractor in the back yard.

We have some Peking duck eggs in the incubator that we are hatching for a friend.  We get half of the hatch.  We are also hatching out chickens for one of our neighbors and we are hatching out more guineas to sell.  I think that will about do it for me this year.  Although there were some geese at the sale barn last night I wanted really really bad.  They fell under the category of "we don't need them".

Here is our daughter and granddaughters with a baby bunny and a Muscovy duckling.