Friday, September 23, 2011

Food! Food! Food!

The look of hungry goats.  They think they are starving all the time.  Let me say, between letting them out to graze, the hay, and the branches I throw in the back yard for them to eat.  They are so far from hungry.  Oh, and let's not forget the grain they get.

I am so grateful for the cooler weather and the rain.  I can now see grass shoots coming up in the yard.  It is so cute.  My yard has a green crew cut.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

And the Rain Came / Projects

We haven't gotten much so far but we have gotten some.  I don't know nor do I wish to how people can live in the desert.  Some people get the winter blues.  I was starting to get the no rain blues.  I look outside today and my yard is dark and moist.  The dirt that is since the grass died some time ago.  I am just grateful it is not blowing everywhere like it has been.  You know like it does in West Texas.

Good news.  My neighbor across the road is taking down part of his horse fence and is letting me scavenge through his burn pile.  I love go through a good burn pile.  It will be quite some time before anyone here in Texas will be able to burn.  There are post of various sizes along with old boards.  Not in the best of shapes but will work at least temporarily when you don't have an income to purchase new.  No sin in getting a few extra mileage out of them.

With the cold front coming in today bringing cooler weather and rain we are talking about finishing up the goat pasture project we started earlier in the summer.  We couldn't afford wire mesh so we were making an electrical fence enclosure.  I pray it works well.  There are trees with loads of underbrush that needs cleaning out and I am sure they will love doing the job for me.  I attached it to a part of the barn so they can have babies and shelter during the weather.  Some of those salvaged boards will be used on part of the barn enclosure.

It looks promising and I can't wait to spend some time outdoors before winter sets in.  I know many feel we don't have much of a winter here in Texas but to us Texans it is something.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Diane / Dyanne the Duckling

Well we had 2 our our duck eggs hatch.  One little duckling got squashed my the momma so we now only have one duckling.  We named it Diane after a friend of ours that is very sick and has wanted to get well enough to come spend some time with us up here and enjoy all our critters.  She now has brain damage from lack of oxygen for over 5 minutes so that probably won't be able to happen.  Anyway we will call it Diane if it is a female and Dyanne if it is a male.

We moved the momma a duckling into the chicken tractor at our back porch.  We are calling it duck TV.  We are easily entertained.  Our Great Pyrenees are fighting over who gets to protect it.  They no longer sleep in their "rooms" (two holes dug in the yard) rather they sleep against the chicken tractor.  It is amusing to watch.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rain Water Collection Project

I am working on collecting supplies for my rainwater collection.  I have the barn, the container, and now all I need is the gutter and cooler weather to work in.

330 Gallon Container
I was able to purchase the 330 gallon container for just $50.00.  Smaller ones go for close to or over $100 when I researched them over the internet.  This one had contained mineral oil and still needs to be cleaned out a bit.

Barn Site for collection
My plan is to collect water from the longest slop of the barn next to where I plan to house the pygmy goats.  I am still not sure where to put the collection container as it will probably depend on how much gutter I acquire or have to purchase.  We found some gutter on Craigslist to only arrive and someone else had gotten it.  I guess better luck next time.

I will post pictures when I get the project completed.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the water from growing bacteria while it is stored in the container waiting to be used?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Upshur County Emergency Citizen Communication Page

I am sorry I am not here to post.  I have loads to share and I have so much I would like to read.  With the fires in our area I have been busy working the FB page I created to help spread information to the people of Upshur County.  It seems to be quite a success since the media seems to only be interested in the glory part and not getting accurate information out.  Many of my followers have gone to the local station sites on FB and announced that my page has more up to date information.  Yesterday morning a reporter got on my page to advertise his FB page.  Needless to say the post was deleted and he was banned from the page.  I feel that was very disrespectful.  I hadn't done that to him.  If he had actually informed the public with the information they needed then there would not be any need for my page.

Upshur County Emergency Citizen Communications

I hope to be back here soon.  Until then I'll catch up when I can.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What a Perspective

September 4, 2011 a fire broke out within two miles from our house.  Thank God the wind was from the NE and did not blow it in our direction.  It is known as the Clemanis, Aster, or Dahlia rd Fire depending on who you talk to.  I was shaking all day long while I was trying to figure out how to evacuate myself and my animals with only a prius.  I know, when we bought it we didn't know we were moving out here.  We still lived in North Texas.

MDR, I have learned from you however dang if I had not put in in place.  Procrastination can be your enemy.  Other than lives I had no clue what I wanted to take with us.  What was really important to try and get it ready to be loaded along with whatever animals we could take?  I realized in the real life situation that your choices change.  I didn't go for pictures.  I got the rifle that was my biological fathers and my handgun, meds, "the flashlight" (Blackhawk), computer backup hard drive and that was pretty much it.  My main focus was on us and the animals.

That leaves me to the dilemma of how to actually pack the bag.  Depending on the emergency would depend on what to have in the bag.  Guess I will be pondering this and sorting out what is truly important.

Another thing that happened as a result of the fire outbreaks is I started 3 pages on Facebook.  After the first day being once again frustrated at the media's lack of coverage of the area to notify people of important information that they needed in order to keep themselves as well as their loved ones safe.

Upshur County Emergency Citizen Communications

Upshur County Citizens Volunteering Evacuation Assistance

Upshur County After Emergency Donations

In our area the media coverage is sloppy to say the least.  I have a computer and a scanner so I went to work.  With the help of others who joined the page we were able to keep the public informed enough to ease their panic.  It was also a good channel for all my stressed out energy for having a fire so close to me as well as other family members here in the area.  I think all Counties would benefit from pages like at least the upper two.

During the past 4 days we have covered the following fires:
Clemanis/Dahlia/Aster Fire
Diana Fire

Llama Rd Fire
Toad Rd Fire

All fires at this time are contained.  The Diana fire is the only one active.  The rest are just hot coals that have and still can flare up.  Thank God the wind has died down.

Our prayers now go out to Cass/Marion County.  This fire is out of control.  Responders are protecting lives and structures at this time and are allowing it to burn its self out.  There will be much devastation.

There are also fires in the counties to our south in Gregg, Smith, and Rusk.  Unknown containment at this time however my parents live in Gregg.  The community where I grew up has seen a lot of damage due to a wildfire there as well as a girl I grew up with lost her 18 month old granddaughter to the fire just a few days ago.

Keep Texas in your prayers.  Thank the many men and women both on the line, on the sideline, and the home front for their sacrifices.  Be grateful for your local VFD.  They are wonderful people doing a dangerous job.   Many of the ones around here have depleted their budget and they are in need of gas money in order to keep doing what they are doing.  Let us not forget those people who are there for us when we need them most.

God bless you all.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fire Within Two Miles of My House

Looking southwest out my back door.  The wind was gusting from the east.  The fire is now contained but not out.  Many other fires around the county have broken out and manpower is stretch then.  I have cousins SE of town that have to be evacuated.

I just heard this fire has flared back up and jumped a road.  It is still heading away from me at this time but this is Texas and anything can change.

There is a page on FB where people are reporting in fires around the State as there are to many for one person to report.
Texas Storm Chasers.

MDR, I hear there is one down in College Station.  I pray for your daughter as well as everyone around the States safety. So many people are reporting being evacuated.

This is a hard stressful day.  Prayers are greatly appreciated.  Let's not forget to thank our emergency responders for all that they do.

 Texas Fire Activity From Texas A&M

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Redneck Fence

 Like I have said I will use anything I can find to do whatever I need to do.  Our field is leased out for hay but the areas around the house I scythe for hay. 

I finally had to erect some kind of barrier however minimal to deter people from driving on my hay.

This is what I came up with.  Tomato cages and baling twine.  Hey, it works.

Sunset from the Piney Woods

Hurricane Lee made landfall today in Louisiana.  We were hoping for some much needed rain from it but it seems God has other plans.  So far all we have is wind from Lee which has elevated the fire danger.  I see on Facebook where there are many many brush & structure fires daily.   It is very scary and I will be glad when we get some relief.  I don't like the daily fear that someone will carelessly toss out a cigarette or something else as stupid which could effect many people's lives and livelihood.

Anyway this evening I noticed the sky had taken on a different color.  Picture never truly capture reality however I think they turned out pretty anyway.  Enjoy with me my view.  Yes, I am blessed.  Not only do I know it but I am grateful every day that I am blessed to live where I do leading the life I do.

I hope this find you all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Have fun and be safe.