Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Cheap Shading Idea - I Hope It Helps

The Monmouth show to grow 7 to 12 foot tall.  The Skyscraper shows to grow 12 foot tall.  I plan on planting them on the inside of the garden around the fence to help shade the plants.  I know it will only shade so far but with our limited income this will have to do.  I thought about planting beans to grow up to them.

Originally I was planning to use cattle panels to create a frame for plants to grow over the lower plants like cucumbers.  I also thought that might help with those squash bugs we detest.  No, I am not squishing them with my hands.  I draw the line there.

Anyway cattle panels are a bit pricy for us at this time and the ones we have are slotted for use elsewhere for the livestock.

Texan passed on some advice to me that was given to her.  "When the package says full sun it doesn't mean Texas sun."

I'll let you know how this goes.

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