Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Fatalities

We lost four of our baby guineas  today to the heat.  I found them next to the chicken coop.  It was their first official day out.  It looks like they couldn't find their way back in.  They were fine earlier when I was out there.  Running in and out of the coop/run.  I guess they got hot and tried to hide in the shade only to overheat anyway.  Poor little things.  Now we are down to seven.

The biggest problem for me with homesteading is my big heart.  There are areas it needs to toughen up.

The good news for the day is it is getting dark outside and I can hear thunder.  Somebody is going to get rain and I hope that includes me.


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. Even though this year is hotter than last year, we have had less losses. I think last year taught us something.
    I hope you get some rain.

  2. I always lose about a quarter of each batch of chicken biddies. Maybe that's why chickens have so many babies, so enough will survive. I never had Guineas, though I would like to. My daughter nearly caught one by the road one time way out in the woods, but it scratched her and escaped.