Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thank You God for Answered Prayers

The high temp I actually noticed today was 102 degrees.  Storms blew in.  Literally.  The winds got pretty strong for all these dead and brittle trees around here.  Saw a bit of rotation in the clouds at one point while I was driving home.  Got home.  Parked my car in the barn since my garage is filled with moving boxes at the moment.  Got all the animals safe inside.  Made it to the house and got a beautiful downpour.  It probably rained a 1 1/2 hours.  What it left us was a cool 74 degree breeze.  Yes, I have the windows open.  I have taken a small nap on the couch  and now I believe I will make some decaf. coffee and go sit in my redneck porch (garage).

I was just talking about how I will love it when the weather cools enough to open the windows and enjoy the breeze.  We do this every chance the weather gives us.  As a matter of fact we didn't turn on our a/c until June 1st of this year.  Well God heard me and gave us this beautiful evening.  Thank you God.

I hope the rest of you who need a break get one too.  We all deserve it.


  1. Yup, I thought of you when I saw it coming in on the news. I told the wife, cross your fingers and hope it makes it here. It all slid to the South of us and this morning it was to the North. Oh well.

  2. Fall is coming. We just have to stay alive until then. ;-)