Friday, May 18, 2012

The New Males in Our Life

Meet Boudro. 

Meaning:  Boudro , boudro meaning , definition of boudro , what is boudro - Friend, Term used to describe a buddy or pal in lieu of their name. Particularly in Louisiana, Texas and surrounding states.
Some examples : Hey Boudro, let's go grab a beer after work.

He is a year old, Nigerian Dwarf / 12.5 % Lamancha buck.

Ratz - Lionhead buck

We look forward to breeding him with our Tara.  They are going to make some pretty babies.

This big buy doesn't have a name yet.  We have been throwing around the idea of Bucky.  He is 1/2 Dutch & New Zealand.

We are going to mate this big guy with our big girls.  We are planning on eating the offspring of the large rabbits.

I am to soft to kill them but the neighbor kid said he would do that.  We can clean them after that.

Homestead General Update

Looky what hatched a few days ago.  Now it takes us about a year to tell the sex of the Muscovy Ducks so we'll have to get back with you on this one.

We also have 11 guinea chicks down at the neighbor's house.  They were nice enough to let us slide eggs under their broody hens.  There are still a few more eggs we are waiting to see if they will hatch.

We also have 8 eggs under our single broody Australorp hen and & eggs under a Muscovy hen in the coop.  If we can keep the snakes out we should be good to go.  We have quite a few guinea eggs in at least one nest that I can find.  I wish those girls would go ahead and go broody.

Other than that I have cut, dried, and stored some hay in the barn.  Some of you may not know but I do this by hand with a scythe.

We also purchase 25 square bales at $4.00 a bale from the field just to our south as our land is leased out for hay production.

We finally went down in the back to see the results of the logging.  Let's just say we no longer have woods.  We have some trees.  There were many areas my father had clear cut.  There are piles of debri in several places and what once was beautiful is just ugly now.  All I keep thinking is that is was a rape.  The area I considered by sacred place is pretty much destroyed.  It is sad and I am not sure when I'll go back there again.  I knew it wasn't going to be a pretty site.  I was right.

We have also been working in the garden some.  We got a late start which might hurt us this year but last year's early start hurt us too.  Sometimes you just got to do the best with what you got.

So now you guys are kinda caught up and I have to go work on a rabbit hutch.  After seeing Randy's hutches I am changing my design for the better.


  1. How about naming your big guy Maori. It's the name of the New Zealand native tribe. Just a thought, that or after a famous dutch person. Nice update,

    1. Thank you Izzy. Har-Har ended up naming him Pretty Boy Floyd and changed Ratz to Bugsy Malone. She likes the idea of giving them gangster names. She'll have to do all the naming because the only gangsters I know are Bonnie and Clyde. lol