Thursday, May 10, 2012

Update On Billy

Billy napping with me.
We finally decided a week and a half is enough time for Billy to get settled with his original herd.  Yesterday we ventured down to see him in his new home.  

Only, he wasn't there.  We searched and called to no avail.  Today we went back down there and tried again.  Our calls met with silence.

Little Pooter Bill, we don't know where you are but know that you are loved and missed greatly.


  1. Sad, but maybe he is still around, lets hope so.

  2. oh no - oh poor billy. oh i hope that you find him. i am so sorry!

  3. Thank you MDR & Kymber. We searched last night again. Now we can only pray for the best. That little boy touched our lives very deeply in just 2 short months. Both of us our grieving this little fella pretty hard. He was pretty special and had a way of winning over everybody's heart. For now there is hardly a moment that we don't think about him although we know that will ease with time. I know that generally people homesteading don't get that attached. When we care for something we give it our all. Billy got the best of both of us and he gave us the best in return. - Genevieve