Thursday, October 27, 2011

East Texas Gumbo

I got a little creative today.  I do this from time to time.  I cook by taste and some times I like to just get in the kitchen and make something up.  I generally have a mental image of the ingredients and how they may go together.

Today I made something from 1/2 sausage link, white rice, crushed tomatoes, garlic, onion, garlic chives, Mexican gray squash, collards, Tabasco sauces and spices.

I started off by browning the rice in butter.  When the rice just about as brown as I wanted it I added the chopped onion and garlic.  I let that cook for about 3 minutes or so.  


Added crush tomatoes.  (note:  when adding tomatoes it might be good to remove from heat.  I had tomato splatter since the skillet was so hot.)  I added water to compensate for the rice and the dehydrated vegetables I was adding.
   I added the remain ingredients along with spices to taste then 
allowed it to simmer until the rice was done.

I am happy to report that although this dish does not have a name it is tasty.  The only thing I would change with the ingredients is I would put less collards in it as it has a strong collard flavor.  I don't mind that much as I do enjoy collards but I will admit it is a bit much.

So if you can come up with a jazzy name for my new dish let me hear it.  If I like it I'll use it.

Added note:  It would be really good with garlic bread or toast.  I didn't think of that until after I had already eaten.  I'll let you know how it taste after it has had a night for the spices to sit in.


  1. That's how I cook most of the time ...just make something up. After you've been cooking (and eating your own cooking!) for 40+ years, you pretty much know what you like. LOL

    Looks and sounds good. I bet it will be even better today after it's had a few hours to 'come together' ...and this time you can have garlic toast with it.

    : )

  2. @HossBoss - You know I thought it would taste different the next day but surprisingly it didn't. As a matter of fact I added more Tabasco to my bowl each time. Yes, garlic bread each time after. I love my garlic bread.