Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Person's Trash is Another Person's Treasure

Today was round two of picking through my neighbor's burn pile.  There is a blessing to the Texas drought because these treasures would have surely been burned up as junk.  On top of it all they have added more since I was last there.  YEAH!

As you can see I have already been sorting before enlisting a bit of help.  My neighbor had been taking up fencing around his place that is no longer needed.  He these items were rotten and not worth keeping.  There are various types of post, treated lumber, and rough cut oak.  My biggest thrill I have to tell you is the rough cut oak.

With the material I salvaged from my neighbors burn pile.  (Yes, that is plural as I have two of them that allow me to scavenge what they consider junk.)  I have been able to create a shelter in the backyard for the sheep.  Anything I did not scavange I found here on the homestead left by either my Grandfather or my Parents.
As most of you do not know we have been unemployed for over 3 years now.  I have actually started considering myself homestead employed rather than unemployed because what we do directly effect what we receive.  We are grateful for material such as this that people wish to get rid of and allow us the opportunity to receive what is no longer useful to them.  Without having the money to purchase items such as these we are very grateful to be able to recycle them into something constructive on the homestead.


  1. Check around for pallets. Manufacturing, roofing companies, lumber yards. Some just burn them. They come in handy. Walls for small buildings, etc.

  2. Great score on the wood.
    John is right. I use pallets for everything like my compost bins, goat barn, temporary shade in the summer time. I love pallets.

  3. @ John & MDR - I am always on the lookout and I would love to collect pallet too. The only problem is we have one vehicle and it is a Prius. When we purchased it we didn't know we would be moving. A truck would be good then again we have saved so much having the hybrid. I did find out however I could fit 4 bales of hay in the car with the seats folded down. I am not sure about getting a pallet in there. I might just have to find someone willing to grab them for me. Depending on where it was I could probably get a little help with that.