Friday, February 10, 2012

Helpful Homesteading Information

I use to love Mother Earth News magazine.  Then I realized they were expanding to broad and had what I considered a lot of useless information.  I don't care about a solar car that can do 100mph.  A solar car would be great and one that can do the average speed limit for a prolonged period of time, that would be interesting.  Anyway, I use that just as an example and yes there was an article on that very thing a year or so back.

My favorite magazine is Countryside & Small Stock Journal.  They time their articles it seems just perfect.  Each time I received my magazine it was just what I was working on or about to work on.  I have found they are also good to refer back to for research.  When I got the one on rabbits I sadly didn't even read the rabbit articles because we didn't have any intentions on raising rabbits.  Now look at us.

I finally had to not renew my subscription last year as it was time to apply what I learned and quit just reading about it.  I still watch for it on the stands to insure there isn't some information that I feel "I just can't live without".  We are trying to watch our budget that is outgoing and not incoming at the moment.

I found that they also have  a wonderful Countryside Library full of even more helpful information.  Besides our blogging friends I feel this is and invaluable tool.


I blogged not to long ago about another book Owner-Built Homestead by Barbara Ken Kern.  It is a great start up book for anyone wanting to homestead.  I found it particularly helpful in the layout of my homestead.

Another good book that my mother got me is Country Wisdom & Know-How.  I looked everywhere online for good information on building a rabbit hutch and yet this is the best source that I found.

On the above link there are currently 43 reviews with the majority being 5 stars which is the highest.


  1. I quit subscribing to Mother Earth News as well. It seemed to me all they were interested in is telling me Monsanto isn't the devil and projects that require more money than we have. I like Countryside and we get Hobby Farms as well.

    1. I agree. I was disturbed with some of the things they promoted myself. I also like Countryside because there is a tremendous amount of subscribers participation. It is kind of like being part of a community.