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Perspective is an interesting thing.  It is where people can have different points of view and still be right.  I figured out a long time ago that no one truly believes as another does.  One may believe they do but in truth they do not.  We all process what we experience with filters that have been set from past experiences.  Since we all do not share the same exact experiences as those or individual experiences then we can not believe the same.

adj. 1. that agrees with what is demanded by law, one;s conscience, ect.; just and good.  2. that agrees with the facts; correct or true.  3. proper or suitable.  4. having a careful finish and meant to be seen.  5. healthy, normal, or well.  6. in good condition or order.  7. on or to the side that is towards the east when one faces north.  8. closer to the right side of one facing the thing mentioned.  9. not curved; straight.  10. conservative in politics.
(You get the point)

adj. 1. not right, just, or good; unlawful, wicked, or bad.  2. not the one that is true, correct, wanted, etc.  3. in error; mistaken.  4. not proper or suitable.  5. not working properly; out of order.  6. having a rough finish and not meant to be seen.

1. the way things look from a given point according to their size, shape, distance, ect.  2. the art of picturing things so that they seem close or far away, big or small, ect., just as they look to the eye when viewed from a given point.  3. a certain point of view in understanding or judging things or happenings, especially one that shows them in their true relations to one another.

(Webster's New World Dictionary and Student Handbook 1971)

Why am I thinking so deeply today?  Well, I'll tell you.  Come this March it will be four years since I have been employed.  In that time I have searched for employment filling the other space with a means to support us food wise.  

We moved to some family property and began our homestead.  We first attempted to grow a 20 x 20 foot garden with little experience.  Dang, I should have paid more attention to my grandparents when they were gardening instead of always off playing somewhere.  Gardening is a dying art you know.

Within the first year we cleaned up a junked up chicken coop and built a door for it as well as a run.  Our neighbor gifted us with a few hens and her father with a rooster.  The second year we were able to expand our garden to 60 x 50 ish.  We produced enough food to dehydrate, can, eat, and share with neighbors as well as a local food bank.  The third year due to the extreme drought in Texas we were not able to produce much beyond the beginnings of summer.

We added goats our second and third year and recently added four rabbits.  I feel the homestead is now complete with occupants and now it is time to maintain that which we have.  It sure does take a lot of effort to build things up.  I will be grateful when it is all built up and we are just at the maintaining stage.

Recently I had a member of my family tell me they did not have any respect for me because I didn't work.  They saw what I did around here as piddling.  It is sad because that is something this person will never be able to take back.

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Homesteading is like self employment.  It is 24/7, 365 day a year.  You don't get a break.  You have responsibilities.  Ones that demand more of your time than simply 40 hours a week.

What about job security?  Is there really any job security?  I use to work for a large company in Dallas, Texas.  It was finally that dream job/career where you have a good work environment, good pay, with the promise of a good retirement after your devoted years of service.  Then one day the layoffs began.  It was then that I learned the only job security is one you make for yourselves.

How have we lived this long being unemployed.  We did just as  I stated above.  We made our own security and it has paid off so for. 

Now, I don't know what tomorrow will bring but I do now what I have today.  I have the love of my family.  I have the love of my friends.  I have wonderful neighbors for the most who I can reach out to.  I live in a place where people still care about each other.  The kind that have fish fries at the local church to raise money to pay hospital bills.  The kind that make you proud to be a part of and not long to be a part from.

Today, I am rich.  Not in material but in way that material can never provide.  Some may think I am poor and for them I feel very sorry.  They don't know what it means to truly be rich.

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November 2009


  1. Don't worry. We all have at least 1 ignorant person in our families!

    1. This is true. If only it was just one person. It is good I live by the motto to lead by example. I figure one day they will figure out really what I am doing and be grateful for it too.

  2. This is so true!
    "Perspective is an interesting thing. It is where people can have different points of view and still be right."

    I am not sure why it is that some people feel that unless everyone wants the same thing they do they are wrong or less than in some manner. sighhh.

    1. I hear ya! I actually like the diversity. If I am open minded and listen I just might learn something.