Monday, April 9, 2012

Caddo Lake - Like Participating In A National Geographic Movie

The view from behind Billy & Dottie's home The Wildfern
I talk a lot to various people about the rare treasure here in Texas known as Caddo Lake.  I have vacationed there twice and now visit periodically as I only live an hour away.  Nestled on the border of Texas and Louisiana in the Piney Woods.  It is like a pocket of swamp in the middle of the pines.  The bald cypress trees with their Spanish moss.  Turtle crossing in May so you have to drive with care.  Quiet peaceful setting.

When we vacationed we stayed in a wonderful cabin called "The Waterlily" with Spatterdock.  Billy and Dottie have a way of making you feel right at home.  As a matter of fact when we go out to visit we always stop by and we are always welcome to sit on their pier and enjoy.

Billy and Dottie have also purchased Johnson's Ranch a few years ago and have really cleaned it up.  It went from a dilapidated over grown mess to looking like a nice place to stay and fish.  We like to go out on the deck and see the old honky tonk that is featured in the opening of the HBO's True Blood.  You didn't want to get to drunk there and have to swim back.  There are alligators in that there water.

Billy has a wonderful touring and fishing service.  Billy took us out on a 1/2 day and 1/2 evening tour of the lake.  He knows the place better than the back of his hand.  We saw the sunset and enjoyed the moon light all from Billy's Go-Devil tour.

Here are a few pictures I have taken on my visits there.  The pictures do not do the place justice.  If you have a chance I recommend checking it out in person.

The old Honky Tonk featured on True Blood
Baby Hawks
Behind the Waterlily Cabin
We watched the parents feed there while staying the weekend.


  1. I have always liked the place and do plan to revisit one day. The wife and I had our 10 year anniversary there.

    1. That is a good place to celebrate anniversaries. Quiet and romantic.