Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pooter Bill aka Billy Jack

Well our little Billy aka Pooter Bill went home to his herd today.  It is sad for us but we knew the day would come.  We were helping raise him for our neighbors since his mom was unable to nurse him.  She was a retired dairy goat and her teats were blown.  Another words they were to big for him to get his mouth around to nurse because of the milk machines they had used.

We got rather attached to this handsome little guy.  He is by far the easiest animal we have ever helped raise.  There were times we even forgot he wasn't a boy and was a goat.  His mom is Saanen and his father was probably Boer.  That explains that handsome roman nose.

Anyway this is his first night on his own without a foster momma.  The lamancha we are milking for them was his foster mother.  They would lay together and both sleep in the dog/goat house.  So little Billy will probably be a bit scared.  He never did learn to be afraid as his foster mom doesn't know it either.  It may sound silly but please keep this little fella in your prayers.  He is adaptable and charming.  I am sure he will be fine.  Still I love what I love and I love this little fella.  Milking around here is not the same without him that is for sure.

He now can stand on off the stand to nurse on our Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf nanny goat.

He learned he can just lay down and nurse.  This little guy takes it all in stride.


  1. HH - i love that little guy too!!! i loved watching his tail wagging while we was nursing! and he does have a handsome roman nose - so handsome! i have little billy in my prayers and i know that he will make his adopted Mom (you) proud!

    your friend,

    1. We grew so attached to that little fella in just 2 1/2 months. He sure has a way of charming his way into one's heart. Thank you for the prayers. We plan on going and visiting with him after he has had time to adjust for a week. He only lives 1/2 mile down the road if that. He is pretty handsome. ;) - G

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    1. MDR, he is the best. You couldn't even get mad at the little bugger because he is to cute. You should have seen him when he would wait for his time to nurse. We would milk some out and then let him nurse. Sometimes he patiently waited and sometimes he wasn't so patient. Sometimes he looked cute and asked really nice, "Can I have it now?" It is silly but there were time in the first month of taking care of him that we forgot he was a goat and not a little boy. - G