Thursday, November 17, 2011

Homestead Update

Many of us are caught up with these last two months of the year.  I know I have been busy and not posting.  I could post but who really wants to hear about unpacking, shopping, and cleaning house.  Just the everyday mundane things going on.  You know the things you neglect when your doing projects.  At least I know I am guilty.

The Goats will be having their kids soon and I still don't have the area for them totally ready.  We got the bulk of it done back in the sweltering heat of the summer with the help of our oldest son.  Now there are just little things that need to be done that make a big impact.  I hope and pray the electric fence works for them as we don't have the money for wire mesh.  God has blessed us so far with what we need so I have to have faith that he is guiding me in the right direction.

We have also been trying to get the house cleaned up as we have a friend from Austin coming to visit us.  It has been to long since we have seen her and are really looking forward to the visit.  Back in the summer we moved most of the remaining stuff from our home north of Dallas to the homestead.  Wildfires in the area broke out and the unpacking was put on hold while we monitored their progress and the possible dangers.

Last week my dad gave his nephew his 1932 Ford truck.  It use to run until him and my adopted brother decided to restore it.  It has been in pieces ever since.  John is having it restored.  As a result last week I had to clear a path in the barn to get to the old truck parts.  Not very simple since I had assumed it would never moved and piled stuff around it for storage.  That is what I get for assuming.

This is not our truck.  This is just a truck that looks real similar to the one we had.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with blessings.  I know I have already been counting mine.

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