Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Today was the start of a busy few days for us.  We went to my parents house about one hour south of us to help prepare for tomorrow.  My mom tends to put more on her plate then one person is capable of doing.  I have to hand it to her.  She gives it her all.  The best we can do is help where she will allow.

Tomorrow we plan on showing up early to help set everything up and eating a wonderful meal prepared with much love.  There will probably be a little over eating as well.  It is hard not to when there is so much good food.

Then we are heading to North Texas to spend the night with our children.  We are so excited.  Rumor has it they are excited too.  For years they have spent the holiday with their father.  This year they decided to have Thanksgiving themselves and invited us up to join them.  Having already committed to my parents we are choosing to do both back to back.  Fun times will be had by all for sure.

What am I grateful for?  My family. My wife, who has seen me through so much.  The one who shares my homesteading dream with me.  Our children, who love me as I love them.  My biological family who I have in the past two year either re-met or met for the first time.  You have completed me in ways I could never explain.  My adopted family who has loved me like blood.  To my friends that are more like family then friends.  My family of choice.  Most of all to God who has given me all these blessings, thank you.

Our Children & Grandchildren
(Excluding the blurred out one.)

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