Thursday, November 10, 2011

Veterns Day November 11, 2011 - Updated

Today is the day set aside to honor our veterans. Men and women who have a calling to serve in our military. Some go to war. Some never see action. Some see to much. Some never recover. Some bring it home. Some never make it home. Some make it home in a box.

These are not the reasons for their calling. Their reasons are much stronger than that. They train to become the best to protect their fellow soldiers and their country from enemies foreign and domestic. They turn their lives and will over not only to a God of their understanding but also to the United States of America.

To those of you who have taken that pledge. I thank you for your service and sacrifice.

To name a few that are close to my heart: Bobbye Eachus, Jay Sulfrian,  Leonard Strathman,Amos Snow II, Ben Branch, Rick Renshaw, John McCarty, Jack McCarty, Aaron Frame, Alec Ward, Chris Anthony, James "Butch Miller, and Fred Paul Vaughn.

I am sure there are others I have missed in naming. Some I didn't name because I didn't know they served. (It is not like they go tooting their own horn.)

You all are important to me.
To my friends, family and all other veterans who sacrificed and served our Country, Thank you.

To those who are missing or gave all.  You are not forgotten.

The most powerful experience was seeing this in person one Memorial Day at the Princeton, Texas Cemetery with the Boy Scouts of Troop 1167.  The sound of the powerful fighter planes and the visual of seeing the obvious missing space is like a punch to the heart.

There are restaurants that offer free meals to all veterans for Veterans Day.  Here is a link if you are or know a veteran.

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