Saturday, November 5, 2011

Storing Up For the Winter

The past week we have been doing what I like to call "Conscious Shopping".  The drought pretty much killed our garden early on this year even with us watering therefore we were unable to put away as we had hoped to.  As a result we have gotten creative and are finding ways of storing up even if it is not our own fresh food.

Conscious Shopping to me is looking at the sales paper and purchasing items when they are on sale.  Fortunately we have the money to purchase in bulk so we can stock up when the prices are right.  I know many that would benefit from this however since they live pay check to pay check they are unable to buy in bulk.

 Sunday, October 30th we went to a local Mexican store where we like to purchase our meat and produce.  We like the quality of there meat and they tend to have a better selection and quality of produce than the American stores.  Not to mention at better prices.

We purchased the following in bulk that were on sale:

10lbs - Pollock Fish - $1.59 per pound
10lbs - Catfish Nuggets - 1.49 per pound (unbreaded)
40lbs - Potatoes - $10.00
(Potato Bin Storage - Recyled / Repurposed Boxes)

We vacuum sealed the fish in 1 1/2 lb bags to preserve longer.

Next Shopping Trip was Wednesday, November 2nd where we once again purchased on sale items without coupons.

Brookshires we found marked down meat which we vacuum sealed. 

        Full Price Total:  $48.54
Marked Down Total:  $23.06
                    Savings:  $25.48

We also purchased Bacon and Evaporated Milk that was on sale in which we saved $9.16 on In Store Savings.
Super One - We  purchase right at 25 lbs of bone in chicken breast for $0.77 a pound.

Save Alot - We purchased 10lbs of real butter for $1.99 a pound.  We use real butter instead of margarine since margarine is a carcinogenic.  Not to mention the flavor is so much better.

Our payload came from Kroger where they were having one of their big sales.  I just love it when they do that.  We were able to purchase cases of food for next to nothing.  Vegetables, sugar, coffee, almond milk (dairy makes us a bit snotty), mac & cheese to name a few items.  I was afraid we were going to have to get another basket before we were done.  Our cart was full when we got to the check out.

        Store Total:  $216.64
In Store Savings:  $102.13
      Total Payout:  $114.51

Harriet has also been researching couponing.  People either love it or hate it.  She has found a website that helps make it easy or at least easier:  Coupon  Yesterday was the first time we actually went out with a stack of coupons in hand.  I felt pretty worthless standing around.  She had to evaluate the product and price compare to the generic to insure that it was really worth using the coupon for the name brand.  There were several coupons that just were not worth using that she just gave away to other shoppers that were buying the products.  I will say that at Walmart where we did the most shopping we saved $24.22.

               Total:  $65.72
After Coupons:  $41.50
           Savings:  $24.22

It was good to see the total reduce.  Our hard work payed off.

Last week were were able to purchase Scotts Toilet paper for about $4.50 a 12 pack at CVS;

Scotts Toilet Paper was on sale:  $8.00 each regularly $10.99
We had a $4.00 off coupon.
Then since we purchased over $30.00 worth of certain listed product then we got a $10.00 gift card in which we were able to get American Express to use at other stores not just CVS.

These savings are important to us since we have been unemployed (homestead employed) for 2 1/2 years now.  Thank God we had savings in which we are primarily living off of.  We have been blessed indeed.  Our freezer is now full and we have a stock of other food items too.  Conscious shopping and coupon shopping is working for us.  It make be a lot of work but you don't get anything for nothing these days.   It is worth the extra effort.


  1. Thank you for sharing your savings and the pictures. It sounds and looks like you have a great system going there.
    It's always a great feeling knowing you are that much more prepared.