Friday, November 4, 2011

Potato Bin - Recyled/Repurposed Boxes

So we were shopping yesterday and while I was in the produce section I noticed the produce guys putting out pineapples.  Most people I am sure would be interested in the fruit however I was interested in what they plan to do with those boxes.

We had just been talking a few days ago on how we were going to store 40 lbs of potatoes that we purchased on sale so they would not spoil.  Ask and ye shall receive.

The guys were really nice and put the boxes off to the side while we  finished our shopping.  They are sturdy enough for pineapples which are heavy and they lock together by the tabs you see on the top box.

We were able to put 10 lbs of potatoes per box making sure none of them touched to avoid spoilage.

We cut a few more holes in the four sides to increase ventilation.

We have them stored in the garage to insure they keep cool without freezing.  Really like it freezes that much here in Texas.  (Sarcasm applied)


  1. It looks like it will work. Good idea.

  2. @MDR - Thank you. I am still pretty excited about it.