Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rain Water Collection Project

I am working on collecting supplies for my rainwater collection.  I have the barn, the container, and now all I need is the gutter and cooler weather to work in.

330 Gallon Container
I was able to purchase the 330 gallon container for just $50.00.  Smaller ones go for close to or over $100 when I researched them over the internet.  This one had contained mineral oil and still needs to be cleaned out a bit.

Barn Site for collection
My plan is to collect water from the longest slop of the barn next to where I plan to house the pygmy goats.  I am still not sure where to put the collection container as it will probably depend on how much gutter I acquire or have to purchase.  We found some gutter on Craigslist to only arrive and someone else had gotten it.  I guess better luck next time.

I will post pictures when I get the project completed.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep the water from growing bacteria while it is stored in the container waiting to be used?


  1. paint the outside of it. if there is no light coming into the container, then algae has trouble taking root. You may just have to treat with bleach before drinking it.

    Maybe an annual cleaning and bleaching might help too.

  2. Not to sound like a "know it all"...but ALWAYS get food grade tanks/totes for drinkable water rain catchment. I had a tote that seemed very clean, pressure washed out, etc...but once carried hydraulic fluid. Washed my face and hands with that water with new white wash rag....rag turned pink and my face was really waxy feeing.
    "food grade" totes are out there, harder to find...and cost $100 or so.
    Just sayin...
    Bigfoot in FTW

  3. LOL we've also just purchased a tank like that (Cost us ZAR300.00 / US$35.00) Was used for bakers oil - and am VERY interested on how you're going to clean it. Need some pointers here LOL