Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Diane / Dyanne the Duckling

Well we had 2 our our duck eggs hatch.  One little duckling got squashed my the momma so we now only have one duckling.  We named it Diane after a friend of ours that is very sick and has wanted to get well enough to come spend some time with us up here and enjoy all our critters.  She now has brain damage from lack of oxygen for over 5 minutes so that probably won't be able to happen.  Anyway we will call it Diane if it is a female and Dyanne if it is a male.

We moved the momma a duckling into the chicken tractor at our back porch.  We are calling it duck TV.  We are easily entertained.  Our Great Pyrenees are fighting over who gets to protect it.  They no longer sleep in their "rooms" (two holes dug in the yard) rather they sleep against the chicken tractor.  It is amusing to watch.

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  1. How cute! The ducks, the dogs, the goat sleeping with the dogs's all cute!

    : )