Sunday, September 18, 2011

And the Rain Came / Projects

We haven't gotten much so far but we have gotten some.  I don't know nor do I wish to how people can live in the desert.  Some people get the winter blues.  I was starting to get the no rain blues.  I look outside today and my yard is dark and moist.  The dirt that is since the grass died some time ago.  I am just grateful it is not blowing everywhere like it has been.  You know like it does in West Texas.

Good news.  My neighbor across the road is taking down part of his horse fence and is letting me scavenge through his burn pile.  I love go through a good burn pile.  It will be quite some time before anyone here in Texas will be able to burn.  There are post of various sizes along with old boards.  Not in the best of shapes but will work at least temporarily when you don't have an income to purchase new.  No sin in getting a few extra mileage out of them.

With the cold front coming in today bringing cooler weather and rain we are talking about finishing up the goat pasture project we started earlier in the summer.  We couldn't afford wire mesh so we were making an electrical fence enclosure.  I pray it works well.  There are trees with loads of underbrush that needs cleaning out and I am sure they will love doing the job for me.  I attached it to a part of the barn so they can have babies and shelter during the weather.  Some of those salvaged boards will be used on part of the barn enclosure.

It looks promising and I can't wait to spend some time outdoors before winter sets in.  I know many feel we don't have much of a winter here in Texas but to us Texans it is something.

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