Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fire Within Two Miles of My House

Looking southwest out my back door.  The wind was gusting from the east.  The fire is now contained but not out.  Many other fires around the county have broken out and manpower is stretch then.  I have cousins SE of town that have to be evacuated.

I just heard this fire has flared back up and jumped a road.  It is still heading away from me at this time but this is Texas and anything can change.

There is a page on FB where people are reporting in fires around the State as there are to many for one person to report.
Texas Storm Chasers.

MDR, I hear there is one down in College Station.  I pray for your daughter as well as everyone around the States safety. So many people are reporting being evacuated.

This is a hard stressful day.  Prayers are greatly appreciated.  Let's not forget to thank our emergency responders for all that they do.

 Texas Fire Activity From Texas A&M


  1. I'm glad the fire is moving away from you, fire is such a devastating thing! The fire in Brazos County is not a threat to the main campus at A&M where MDR's daughter is, thank goodness. If anything happened to cause an evacuation at A&M, Yeoldfurt and I or the both of us would scoop up MDR's daughter and bring her home with us until the threat passed. I work just a few miles from the campus and Yeoldfurt works just a few miles farther north ...even if it happened on a weekend, we'd drive in to get her if necessary. We promised MDR and Mrs MDR we'd watch out for her and we sure will.

    I hope that fire near you is extinguished for good soon. Too much dry vegetation and high winds sure make us all vulnerable!

  2. Dang, I just checked the local news website for an update on the Brazos County fire and it was closer to A&M than I thought! It's 70 percent contained according to the latest update a couple of hours ago and no mention in the article about A&M being threatened. But I just called MDR's daughter to make sure she KNOWS to call us if they evacuate the campus. It would take us about 45 minutes to get there and she would have to evacuate with everyone else, but we could pick her up wherever the evacuation spot is.

    There's a bad fire burning in Leon County northeast of Brazos County too. The weather sure has been hard on Texas this year!

  3. I just went to check on the fire status visually. It doesn't look contained and is still advancing. There are many other fires in the area with loss of home and live as well. I pray for everyone's safety.

    @HossBoss - Please be careful down there. The fire in Bastrop County is the worst in the State so far.

  4. I can say the wife was freaking out about this. Thank y'all for the thoughts on the girl down there and thank you HB for the quick thinking on it. We called her and told her to call yall to organize a meeting spot for a just in case. The good thing about living on campus is that everything is concrete and brick down there so it would take a while for it to spread throughout the campus.
    If we don't get some rain soon, this whole state is going to burn.