Monday, September 12, 2011

Upshur County Emergency Citizen Communication Page

I am sorry I am not here to post.  I have loads to share and I have so much I would like to read.  With the fires in our area I have been busy working the FB page I created to help spread information to the people of Upshur County.  It seems to be quite a success since the media seems to only be interested in the glory part and not getting accurate information out.  Many of my followers have gone to the local station sites on FB and announced that my page has more up to date information.  Yesterday morning a reporter got on my page to advertise his FB page.  Needless to say the post was deleted and he was banned from the page.  I feel that was very disrespectful.  I hadn't done that to him.  If he had actually informed the public with the information they needed then there would not be any need for my page.

Upshur County Emergency Citizen Communications

I hope to be back here soon.  Until then I'll catch up when I can.

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