Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunset from the Piney Woods

Hurricane Lee made landfall today in Louisiana.  We were hoping for some much needed rain from it but it seems God has other plans.  So far all we have is wind from Lee which has elevated the fire danger.  I see on Facebook where there are many many brush & structure fires daily.   It is very scary and I will be glad when we get some relief.  I don't like the daily fear that someone will carelessly toss out a cigarette or something else as stupid which could effect many people's lives and livelihood.

Anyway this evening I noticed the sky had taken on a different color.  Picture never truly capture reality however I think they turned out pretty anyway.  Enjoy with me my view.  Yes, I am blessed.  Not only do I know it but I am grateful every day that I am blessed to live where I do leading the life I do.

I hope this find you all having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Have fun and be safe.


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