Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Milk Stand is ALMOST Complete

It doesn't seem right that it is taking this long as I have been working a total of maybe a day.  Then again, it takes what it takes.  I found some wonderful plans at Fias Co Farm although I have had to make some minor modifications as we have Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf mix goats.  Which means they are not quite as big as regular goats.

It should be entertaining the first time we try to milk.  I am sure our girls will throw a wall eyed fit for sure.  I promised Bacon and Eggs to give her an update on how it goes.  Hopefully I'll have that information tomorrow as it is my plan to complete the stand TOMORROW.

Update:  Ok, it may be the next day before it is complete because I want to paint it before it all goes completely together.  I want my milk stand to be pretty as well as functional.


  1. Sign me up for those updates too please!

    Milk goats for milk and cheese are something I'd like to try in the future but don't know how I'd fit it in with me work/commute schedule right now. Still, I want to learn as much as I can before I get goats!

  2. You got it HB. The paint is drying and we should have a test run tomorrow if it all works out. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.