Saturday, January 28, 2012

That Thar Be A Hog

The guy who leases the land for hay production has a trap set to catch the feral hogs that are rooting up the fields.  Let me just say they have done a fine job.  It we needed the field tilled for planting that would be a good thing but we don't.  The ruts they leave is hard on the equipment causing some unpleasant breakdowns as well as a bumpy bumpy ride.

Well looky what was in the trap this morning.

I don't think he was much excited to see me.
I was very excited to see him.... in the trap.

This is one less hog that will be rooting in the field tonight.

Additional note:  The trap is 3 foot high.


  1. They say wild hog is the best eating around. *HINT*HINT*

  2. Yes, wild hog is tasty. We have three in the freezer. Ok, we have eaten part of the three however we have processed and kept three. This one is a bit larger than I wish to process to tell you the truth.

    He is now on his journey to the slaughter house. The people that picked him up are trying to collect enough hogs to sell to make money. There are several places in the area that will buy them if they are over a certain amount pounds to process and send overseas.