Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Successfully Milking With The Homemade Pump

We did it!  What an adventure!  We finally tweaked the pump to work without a hitch.  It took some plumbing parts, silicone, and lots and lots of patients that I did not have today.

Note:  The lid was replaced with one with better drilled holes.

 The JB Weld that we used didn't work very well and the fittings just didn't seal good enough to get a proper vacuum so we decided to invest in the plumbing parts.

Fittings in place.  The silicone was added on both sides
to insure a full seal.

The finished product worked like a charm.  Now if it can only get the goats to cooperate.  Why on God's green earth we would decide it is a good idea to try and milk, now 6 goats that have never been milked before is beyond me.  Our neighbor sent Lilly, her lamancha down for us to milk.  They have given us so much and are great neighbors that it feels good to be able to give back to them.

Lilly the Lamancha

As I was saying I don't know what we were thinking milking the goats that have never been milked.  Sugar is really good.  Nanny is good when she is in the mood.  Penelope is NEVER in the mood to be good.  Lilly the lamancha didn't know what was going on and she missed her three babies.

Today was more like a wrestling match and let's just say, I lost.  We decided to move our operation into the yard as we have the nannies free ranging and we can bring them in one by one.  We usually do it outside the yard and usually have to fend off the other just to feed and milk one.  Well, today we had to fend off babies who thought they were hungry.  Which there were not since we had fed them just before we started milking.  I also went down when I tried to bring the first goat in.  They were all at the gate and they all wanted in and the babies were fighting to get out to them.  Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

The babies also kept trying to jump on the milk stand when their mom was on it to nurse while the six month old babies kept trying to get to the feed.  I tried to fence the older ones off but they squeezed there fat bellies through that fence.  When it was all said and done today I stated it might have been easier to walk ten miles in the snow to buy milk.

Just joking.  Kinda.

We really are proud of what we are doing and from reading this you can see we are still learning valuable lessons.  By the way the milk stand was promptly taken out of the yard when  we were done. We happily delivered Lilly's milk to our neighbor who was surprised at the quantity already.  Now I am sore from the battering I took today.  It will be all worth it in the morning when I have a little goat milk with my coffee.

As for our future milk goats.  Our babies at one month old already have what we call the "squat button".  We have been training them since day one to be friendly.  We also rub their utter so they can get use to it and they squat just like they are suppose to.  Most of our girls look like they will have good teats too.  That is our goal.  Small friendly milk goats.  Heck even our barbado sheep Mary has a squat button.  Yes, one day we will milk her too but she is not old enough for me to breed her yet.


  1. I wish the older ones had dang squat button.

    1. Me too and not the Penelope squat button which is to sit.