Monday, December 12, 2011

Another New Kid Addition This Evening - Penelpe Gave Birth

Harriet called to me from the other end of the house sounding panicked.  She thought that Sugar's baby had gotten out and she was wondering what had happened to her sweater.  Instead it was Penelope's new baby.  Meet baby number two for the homestead in a little over 24 hours.

She is all black with a bit of gray around her ears.

Penelope is the mother of the first Pygmy/Nigerian Dwarf kids here on the homestead.  Ornery and Ernestine.

Sire - Bandito
1/2 Nigerian Dwarf & 1/2 Pygmy
 Bandito who's name became Pan when our daughter purchased him last year is the sire to all our babies here on the homestead.  He has since been neutered so these are the last of his babies to be born.  The rest falls on his son's shoulders.

Ornery Vaughn
Ernestine Neoma
 Ornery and Ernestine were born June 11, 2011.  They are not sure what they think about the new babies.  they are use to being the babies of the herd and now someone else is getting that attention.


  1. So cute! Poor Ornery :( guess he is finding out what reality is, u can't get everything u want.

  2. Ernestine is not sure she likes it either. She rolled Sugar's baby the first day before we put them in the inclosure.

    Go check out Nanny's baby. It is the largest one so far and she has blue eyes like your kids.