Sunday, December 11, 2011

We Have a New Kid - Sugar Gave Birth

Sugar and her brand new baby

Sugar gave birth to her baby this evening at 4:20 pm.  We thought with her being so big that she would have two maybe even three babies but she only had one.  A mostly black female with a tuft of white between where her horns will be.  Her ears are also salt & pepper.  At 5 hours old she was already wanting to play.  She is the first baby to be born in the new manger.

The baby was breach.  Harriet was able to assist with the delivery when Sugar started having a strong contraction she pulled the baby right out.  Thank God Harriet is a retired Lay Midwife.  I'll be honest I was lost at what to do.  I can build but birthing is a whole other ball game.  I think Sugar did good for her first birth.  Thank you for the new addition to the homestead Sugar.

Opal and I watching Sugar clean her new baby.

Opal wants to help Sugar clean the baby.  I have to lay on
her to keep her from assisting.

Can't I help Momma?

Opal finally gets to help.

Such a pretty face

Momma Sugar and baby.  Five hours old.

The day the Pyrenees Came

Sugar and her playful baby.  She is five hours old.
The baby outside the door are the ones born just this past June.
Ornery is the male and close to the end you will hear him butting his sister into the door with a loud boom.


  1. Do you have problems with the little sweaters on the babies? I would think it would throw the sent off for the momma and then you would end up bottle feeding.

  2. What a sweetie, congratulations! Sigh..nothing better than baby goats,lol!

  3. @ MDR - I put it on the baby when they are almost dry from all the cleaning. I don't know about your goats but the two that we have had given birth here go lick crazy for the first 12 hours. When I put the sweater on she was still licking. She wasn't exactly fond of it but she doesn't have a problem with it either.

    The sweater is actually a hand me down from Mary Lamb.

    (Eventually I will learn how to actually create links correctly. I tried today and it just didn't work out for me.

    @ Melodie - We love it when babies are born here. As a matter of fact we are so easily amused that when it nurses we get excited and when it lays down we get excited. We are needless to say excited about our new addition.

  4. What are you two going to name her?

  5. @ Aidan - We are not sure yet. We have some special names picked out but we only want to use those on the ones we are planning on keeping ourselves. We will be selling some of them when they are older and weened. We do not believe in separating them from their mother until then. Bottle feeding is just not the same. - Grandma Genevieve

  6. My mom said she had told yall that if yall have a grey baby or a black baby she would LOVE one! The new baby is so adorable!!!

  7. @ Aidan - Tell your Momma that I am sure we will have one for her. Penelope had her last night and it looks like Nanny is in early labor today. We might have another one today!

  8. Omg that's so cool, then yall will only have 2 goats left to have babys! take lots of pics for me and azura to see!