Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Evening with the Animals

Here are some pictures and video I took this evening when we sat out back with the goats, sheep, and dogs.  Sometimes a chicken or a guinea or two.

Sheri - What do you have there?
Our newest kid - Laura Croft
Nanny's baby - December 13, 2011
Name may change in the future

Laura Croft
Tippy Toe
Penelope's baby - December 12, 2011

Pyrenees Love
She relaxed so much she fell to the ground.

Our Opal and Buttercup
What would we ever do without them.

I hope you enjoyed an evening at the homestead.


  1. 'Laura' sorta looks like Yoda.

  2. So adorable. I love little baby goats even though I have 2 in my backyard

  3. @ Sharon - She had one ear forward and one ear back for so long after she was born. I am just glad they are evening up now. lol

    @ Aida - Me to.