Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Owner-Built Homestead by Barbara & Ken Kern

We are very fortunate to have a library with some very interesting books.  Shortly after we moved here I found this book and read it with delight.  It helped with how we might want to layout our homestead for efficiency as well as gardening.  It affirmed what I was doing right and made me rethink a few things too.

If you are just starting to layout your homestead or looking to purchase land for a homestead I would recommend reading this book.
  It helps you evaluate the land for what your needs will be.  Since we live on family land that was not a need for us.  We just needed to learn to work with what we had in the best way possible.

While I had the book I scanned in many pages for reference later as there was ideas that I just wouldn't be able to apply until a later date. 
Like a Sun Pit Greenhouse

Or a Wood Stove

(Note:  All rights to the pictures go to the authors of the book.  I am using them here for reference only.)

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