Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Change Can Make a Difference

Change can make a difference if we allow it.

It is not so hard to pay it forwards or as some of us in the Twelve Step Program call it, pass it on.  This is how I always try to live my life.  Sometimes the smallest gesture makes the greatest impact.

My challenge to you is to reach out and pay it forward.  Be the kindness you wish others to be.  We make the most impact by setting an example in the manner in which we live.  Live kindly.

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  1. that is a VERY touching story. i felt a lump in my throat forming half way through the video

  2. Me too baby girl. Although I went as far as having tears in my eyes.

    We should always remember to help where we can. Not just money wise but also in things we do. The smallest gesture can be a great gift.

  3. I had almost cried, but azura was next to me and I always act strong and brave around her. So I didn't let her see me cry just because we watching a video I said me and her should watch together.