Thursday, December 15, 2011

Growing Indoors - Great Idea

(I think I might have put some links on here that have violated my agreement with adsense.  I have since hopefully corrected the problem.  At least I hope I have.)

Here is a great idea for planting indoors whether for winter food or because you simply do not have the space outdoors.

I originally put a link to the DIY site but I think it violated my agreement with adsense which I didn't mean to do.  I will say the project is for a window garden made out of clear bottles using a water pump to bring nutrient rich water to the top plant and allowing the water to drip back into the original water container to recycle through again.  It was designed for someone who moved to New York and missed their fresh vegetables.  You can Google yourself on how to make this project.  I think it is really neat.

I believe I might have a new project.  I am so hungry from produce since things didn't work out so great here in Texas for it this year.  I crave salad and the prices are so high in the stores.  Not to mention I would just rather grow my own. - Genevieve

Note:  Adsense won't reinstate my account so if the links were a problem then they aren't anymore.

Growing Salad in a Window
Window Farms

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