Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sheri Has her Babies

Sheri, the last of our nanny goats to give birth finally kidded this morning.  We have two more beautiful baby girls.  The first has a white spot on her head.  She wasn't responsive when she first came out and we were concerned for 30 minutes or so but she seems fine now.  The second is black with brown sprinkled all over.  Both have blues eyes.

We are also pleased at the tits on Sheri.  Very milkable.

Sheri lick lick licking her new baby.
This is the first born who had a rough start.  Harriet had to
work with her to get her to breath.

Second born just out.
Born 10:50 am

Second born in the forefront.

First Born
Born at 10:15am

Good Momma Sheri

Mary had to come check it out.

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