Friday, December 16, 2011

ShaNayNay aka NayNay Gave Birth

NayNay gave birth to two creamed colored brown eyed little girls around 8:30 pm tonight.

Opal was the perfect midwife.  Both babies were almost totally cleaned off and they were standing by the time we arrived.

Now if we can just convince Opal to let them be to bond with their momma and learn how to nurse without any problems.  Opal wants to lick them to death.

Sugar, NayNay's twin checking things out.

Update:  Last check before going to bed at 1:00am

All is well with Momma and babies.

Opal is still on duty.

We had to put their sweaters on because they started shivering.  That is no way to spend your first night in the world.

Update:  December 17, 2011 am

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