Monday, December 5, 2011

Just In Time - The Manger

I decided since I am better at building shelters than electric fences I would build a shelter in the backyard for the goats and the coming kids.  At least they would be closer to the house so we can make sure they are ok.  Besides we haven't even test the not so finished fence.  This will get me just a little more time to get things together in the back fenced area that I created for the goats.

The dimensions of the manger, yes that is what I am calling it are 8 X 6.  I am planning on putting a partition 4' out to help contain warmth better between it and the house. 

I worked into the night Friday to get it this far since we had a forecast of rain and cold coming in.  I got it done just in time.  As a matter of fact the drizzle started as I was trying to finish up.  I am happy to report that Saturday and Sunday we got some good rain.  Rain we need so desperately here in Texas.


Momma Ewe approved
Built from recycled material.
Yes, I cut off all that nasty stuff.
Mary Lamb - My little helper.
Mary lamb followed me around all day.  She was very helpful when I was digging the post holes.  She would dig in my pile of dirt throwing debris into the hole for the post.  Before I had put the post in.  She really thought she was being helpful.

Mary actually thinks I am her mom and she thinks her mom is just another sheep in the herd.  She follows me around the yard with the dogs and the goats.  I am the herd/pack/flock leader.  Such responsibility let me tell you. 

Yesterday we noticed the utter on Sheri one of our goats has dropped and filled.  We think we might be having some babies soon.  I am hoping it waits until just after this cold snap.  Wednesday night is is suppose to get down to 29 degrees.  No babies need to be born in that weather.  My bad for wanting babies by their dad before he was fixed.  Keep the little ones in your prayers.  It is not their fault I am stupid and insistent sometimes.


  1. Mine usually all kid right in the middle of a down pour. I had a couple last year that kidded in the freezing temps. It was not fun.

  2. Oh MDR, I am so hoping and praying that doesn't happen. I worked more on the manger late this evening when I got home. It is warmer but I still have a couple more things to do before I call it done. I just hope that when the kids are born we are available to help dry them off and give them their little sweaters made out of my old thermals. Then I hope that is enough to keep them warm.

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  5. That is the goatie way,lol! They always wait to kid when it is freezing,or a thunderstorm or a flood!They will also stay in labor until you have to run in the house for 2 minutes to go to the bathroom and kid while you are gone!I found you from Texan's blog.She makes great kid coats for these cold weather babies!

  6. @ Melodie - Well I got lucky. One of our goats kidded at 4:20pm today. I am planning on blogging about it next. Check out our new addition.

  7. We have goats too, and we enjoy taking care goats. Keep posting please. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks!
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    1. Thank you Olga. We enjoy sharing our passion for our homestead. Right now things are a bit busy physically so we are not writing as much. That will change with the seasons.

      By the way, welcome to the homestead Olga.