Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Puberty to Menopause

It starts in puberty for all females and ends with menopause, our monthly cycle.  It is simply a fact of life as well as a right of passage.  We know when it begins we are becoming women and when it ends we are at the end of our production cycle and becoming wise women.

For me living green is the same as living sustainably.  Have you ever considered how much money is spend on the disposables we use for this common fact of life?  To much if you ask me.  There are alternatives however and if you are interested in being more green, sustainable, or you are just plain frugal then here are two options.

Cloth pads

You can either purchase these online or make them yourself.  What ever suits your needs.  I found a great site that can assist you if you wish to make your own, Make Your Own Cloth Pads - DIY

Top of Pad

There are also other resources online where you can purchase pads.  Some come with plastic sewn in for a leak barrier and some do not.  They are as different and vary as we do as women.
Underside of Pad
They are comfortable simple to clean.  No more buying those plastic things that simply eat away at our pocket book and fill up the landfill.

Menstrual Cups

 Another Eco method is the menstrual cup.  The cup is fitted around the cervix to capture the menstrual discharge.  The cup is emptied and cleaned then reinserted.  This is a real money saver not to mention safer than the disposable commercial methods.  You can read more about it at, Wikipedia on Menstrual Cup.

When deciding which one is right for you please do research.  There are many available in the US and outside of the US.  Some ship in and some do not.

Not only are these options good but they just make since.  I feel they should be a necessity of the BOB also.  (Bug out Bag or Emergency Bag)  Women, let's face it.  It is something we will have to deal with for a very long time.  It is better to be prepared.  I can only imagine what we would do if we didn't have these options.  The thought of no toilet paper is horrifying enough for me.