Monday, December 19, 2011

Treasures Passed Down

My grandmother my Mom's side passed back in September 2001.  No, not in New York.  She passed from cancer that formed three tumors in her brain.  I helped clean her apartment after she passed and boxed up her things.  It was a solemn time for me but it was a loving thing I could do and spend just a little more time surrounded by my Granny.

I got several of her things.  One of which is a little sewing bag that folds open and stands next to you.  I was thinking the other day that I might like to crochet something but I didn't know where any of my hooks where.  By the off chance I looked into the sewing bag and this is what I found.

I just smiled when I opened it.  It was like Granny saying, "Here.  Use mine."  So I did.

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